Start Your Own Show 

Right now, there's a lot of interest in those TV shows where an expert shows you how to flip a house, create amazing dinners or any one of a hundred other things.

Here's the question: Before you began watching your favorite expert, had you ever heard of them before?

Answer: NO!!


Why not you?  The same thing will happen to you once you've started your own show.

TV shows make the expert, NOT the other way around

Once people begin to watch you on your globe-spanning show, they'll quickly see you as THE expert in your area.  Be the first, and make others chase you.

Start Your Show NOW

Now is the time to act

Can you hear it?  It's the roar of the coming tidal wave of people looking to the internet for help with exactly what you teach.  Are you going to be the one to show all these people the way, or will someone else claim the title of world's leader in your area?

Start now and receive a TON of benefits from Global Nexus TV

  • Beta means discounts

    Global Nexus TV is currently in the beta phase of rollout.  We’re looking to work with the very first few channel and show owners to help them get off to a fabulous start.

    As a show owner in the beta program, you get a 67% discount.  Pay just $500 for THREE months of shows.  That gives you 12 shows and a full 18 HOURS in front of the world.  That’s a mere $12.27 PER HOUR of global TV… and that doesn’t even begin the number of people who will also see your show in the archive.

  • LIVE training

    We want you to succeed – BIG time.  In order to make that happen, as a beta program member, you’ll receive LIVE training and support on how you build your show, how to plan and record your show and much more.

    If you are new to recording and getting yourself found, there’s even a Foundations course that covers all forms of video, audio and text.  We when say that we want you to be a success, we want you to be a SUCCESS!

  • Resources at a discount

    Global Nexus TV has assembled an amazing team of production experts.  This team covers everything from planning and script writing to recording and post production.  Use this team a little or a lot.  It’s totally up to you.

    In addition to the extensive live training, beta program show owners also receive a discount on all production services.  Get creative and try something different.  You have a whole to conquer!

Your channel is monetized to the max for you

From 15 second ads in your show to ads on the frame around your show, to the analytic info we collect, Global Nexus TV shows are designed to get you the maximum audience, conversions and money.

Bonus Book

Act now and receive a free copy of the best selling book "The E-Syndrome: The Eight Deadly Viruses that can Kill Your Business and How To Cure Them".

This book takes a humorous look at the things that stop us from achieving success and provides actionable steps to correct those things, and even how to avoid them in the process.

All show owners in the beta program receive a copy of this book.

Join NOW and receive 3 months for the price of one

Get a 67% discount plus live training plus a free book