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Once upon a time, a few experts wrote books that rocked the world.  No one had seen anything like them and the books instantly marked them as an expert.

Then MILLIONS of people began to publish books, electronic books and put chapters into the books of others and called themselves experts too.

Because of the enormous flood of people using and overusing the title "author", that term no longer provides the instant recognition and rock star status it once did.  So the question is "What's next"?

And the ANSWER is to have your own TV show!

Be seen as the GLOBAL EXPERT in your field

Sell and promote to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE

Use your star status to speak on STAGES AROUND THE WORLD

Could you really do this?  YES!

It all starts here with this opportunity.  Are you a leader or a follower?  Are you going to grab this opportunity and run, or wait link one of the millions of new authors trying to catch up?

Don't wait for someone else to be the expert.  The time will NEVER BE BETTER!

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These Features Are All Included

  • A 30 minute show slot every week

    Your $50 will get you a half hour airtime slot every week for three months.  That’s 12 original shows and 12 different calls to action you can make.

  • Shows are directly monetized through the ad frame

    One of the coolest things about a show on a Global Nexus TV channel is that it’s been designed to be fully monetized.  The channel is displayed inside an ad frame.  The bottom of the frame, directly beneath the video, is reserved for the owner of the show currently playing.  You can use that space for a button to buy your product, register for your event, even answer a survey question… whatever you want.

  • Your show is scheduled for you to run three times every week

    Forget about steep learning curves to get your show to broadcast – we take care of all that stuff for you.  You and the station owner work out what time slot your show will be in, and we make sure it happens.  EVERY week.

  • Each show is seen in prime time all around the world

    As we like to say, “Somewhere in the world, it’s always prime time”.  It’s funny how many people forget that fact when they schedule their training or webcast!

    By combining new content with strategic timing of repeats, you’re show will be seen in the prime of every last person on the planet, regardless of where they are.  THAT’S how you get true global exposure.

  • Free live training is included

    The GNTV network, all the channels and all of the shows have been built for monetization.

    To make sure you maximize all of your monetization options, GNTV will provide you with live training on the tools, tips and techniques on getting the very most from your show.  Your show represents your very best traffic magnet.  We’ll help you reach your goals.


  • Tools, messages and more to help you promote your show

    You’ve got a show to be proud of.  Now let us help you promote it (and yourself).


    The show owners support section of GNTV containsmore than the live training and recordings of previous training.  In addition, we provide you with sample copy for blogs, email and social posting.  Just tweak the messages to fit your personal style and send them on their way.

    We also include more monetization tools to bring in both people and additional income as well.  Of course, we,ll train you on these tools too.

  • Introducing the Massed Marketing Effect

    When you publish a show or video on your own, you are totally responsible for the marketing and for generating traffic to it.  Not so when you’re on a Global Nexus TV channel.  When you’re part of the GNTV family:

    The network (GNTV) is marketing you, your show and channel

    The channel owner is marketing your show too

    Of course, you are marketing your show too

    And finally, all the other show owners, while promoting their shows, generate additional traffic for you as well.

    This huge collection of pooled marketing and traffic is known as the Massed Marketing Effect.  It REALLY makes a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of frequently asked questions from our customers

  • q-iconWhat kind of show should I create?

    This is actually TWO questions.  The first is what subject should you follow.  The second is what format should you use.

    Your subject: You want to create a show that shows off your skills and knowledge to maximum effect.  You also want to do it in a way that you’ll be able to monetize.

    Your format: This one has a LOT more options.  Interview people.  Talk to the camera. Act out scenarios.  Have reporters or guests.  What format sounds best to you?

    When you need some ideas for a great show, we’re here to help.  We’ll work with you to help you figure out your best message, and a terrific way for you to present it.  The idea here is to create something that shows you as a real expert in your field, and to help you sell your solutions.  We’re here to make both of those things happen for you.

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need to create a show?

    A good phone or camera can do the trick.  Interviewing people using one of the many free video calling programs also works well.  You may ultimately decide to upgrade to something a little fancier, but most likely you already have the equipment you need.

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need to create a show?

    Very little.  Quality IS important, but with today’s high resolution phones and video cameras, anyone can create great looking video.  Add in some free or very low cost software for adding some bells and whistles and you’ve got an excellent show.

  • q-iconHow much does it cost to create a show?

    Shows can be created for very little money.  Interview people in hotels and meeting rooms and there’s nearly now cost.

    You can also get professionals to do some or all of your production work.  GNTV has a list of vetted resources to do whatever you need to have done… and at a very competitive rate.

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