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Current Feature:

Announcing 180in365, the reality show about Marg and Bob's personal year-long quest to examine their lives in detail and make a total change to live the life and be the people they want to be.  Working with dozens of coaches, mentors and experts across all areas, Marg and Bob look to make BIG changes in a trifecta of the areas of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

And in a bold, brave, scary decision, Marg and Bob are making all of their changes IN FRONT OF THE WORLD.

Presenting the 180in365 show, appearing every Monday, Wednesday AND Friday on the WOWtv channel, starting on Monday April 23, 2018 on Wowtv.  The show will air at 8PM Eastern timezone, plus 09:00 UST  and 01:00 UST on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

For more information. check out their website at 180in365.com