Global Nexus TV - a global TV Network has 15+ years of experience mission: Help 1 Million entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate success is part of NEWBI System Inc.

Global Nexus TV was created as the ultimate in disruptive marketing.  Through leading edge global TV channels and shows, entrepreneurs and business people can establish themselves as the dominant experts in their fields.  Through integration of these channels and shows with other leading edge technologies and marketing analytics, members of the GNTV family can monetize their work and assets in ways never imagined and with conversion rates they've only dreamed of before.

Global Nexus TV is a division of NEWBI System Inc. and is the next evolution in NEWBI's ongoing efforts to help one million entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their ultimate success.  Are you our next success story?

NEWBI is an acronym that stands for New Entrepreneur Wealth Building Institute.  We make a distinction between the small business owner and the entrepreneur.  We ask the question "Who works harder, you or your money?"  The entrepreneur always says "money".  It's quite possible for people to own a small business for decades and not be an entrepreneur.  We aim to add this title to their business cards and lives.

The team at Global Nexus TV are here to help you achieve all your business goals.  Get started with us today to take your business to the next level.  Our experts are standing by to help you get where you've always wanted to take your business and future.